Boat Cover

This 100% cotton canvas cover fits our 6, 8, and 9 1/2' models. It is water resistant, has a draw string tie, and is big enough to cover over your seats without removing them from your boat.

Boat Carrier

Our specially made boat carrier makes fishing by yourself a breeze. The wheels attach to one side of your boat with tie down straps allowing you to throw your gear in the boat and better maneuver it from your truck to the water.

Up the Creek Paddle

Many states require you to always have a safety paddle on board. Our Up the Creek Paddle has a 33" compact length that extends to 48". It has a 6" x 16" copolymer paddle blade with a built in handle and non-corrosive strong aluminum shaft.


Drain Assembly and Plug

If you lose your plug or if your drain needs replaced, we offer the 3/4" kits and 11/16" kits, depending on which Bass Hunter model you have.


There are several parts that allow your Bass Hunter seat to work; the seat and swivel, seat base, and hardware that connect the two. We offer these items individually or as a complete seat unit based upon your needs. We have three types of seating that be mixed and matched to use on any model; molded bucket, plastic fold down, and padded fold down. Check out all the Bass Hunter Boats to view the different types of seats you can upgrade yours to!

ABS Repair Kit

The majority of Bass Hunter Boats are made from ABS plastic. Our ABS repair kit is the only permanent repair kit for our boats on the market. One kit will repair an approximate 18" x 2" area and comes in gray, green, or white. Our ABS repair kit will have you back on the water in 24 hours!

Patch and Go Repair Kit

The Bass Hunter EX and Bass Baby are our two polyethylene plastic models. While these two models are difficult to damage, if you find yourself in need of a quick repair the Patch and Go kit can help! It repairs an approximate 3" x 10" area.

EX Stowaway Bag and Cap

The EX model has small storage compartments on each pontoon. If lost, stolen, or damaged you can replace the cap and/or bag.

Bass Baby Wheel and Hardware

Feel reassured that if you ever need to replace your Bass Baby wheels or hardware, Bass Hunter can get you rolling to the water again in no time.

All accessory and repair/replacement items can be purchased through your local dealer or by calling Bass Hunter direct at 800-345-4689!


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